Work for the public space 2005

An artistic and participatory laboratory which meld into sensitive spaces, inhabited or neglected, whether they be in natural or urban areas. The audience is invited to build a mobile habitat, drawing attention to the space we live in.

A "folly" to which one can escape : an experimental and moving commonhold which enables us to experience the mobile habitat. Like a poetic triggering factor, it influences our perceptions and sensations.
It puts the notions of nearness and involvment into play, as well as observation and cohabitation, space improvement and use of time. We are invited to break up with our rationalized understanding of things, in order to live an unexpected moment in a mobile lab. Transgressing the limits between dance, visual arts, music and photography, LA ZOUZE develops an amusing dance which evokes the way we inhabit our private and public spaces.

Crédit photo - Lazouze