In situ Production

Evelyne House Of Shame, is a wandering artistic «salon», momentarily opening the doors of special spaces and offering poetic trips there. An interdisciplinary festive evening which activates the desire to become someone else, and invites the participants into a collective celebration.

Evelyne House Of Shame, is a turbulence zone between performances and masquerades, openings and limits, ball and living picture. An installation putting together energies, shifting fluxes and opening viewpoints. A playground and meeting space where proximity flirts with fantastic realism.

Evelyne House Of Shame, is a strange way of spending time, a frivolous and solemn manner of inhabiting architecture. It’s bringing the public to live within and take part in the subtle space of social relations, to get involved in a sensitive experience, to perceive our modernity.

Evelyne House Of Shame, is a space of experimentation where epochs and styles, art and heritage, bodies and scenery, customs and costumes are put in connection...

What stories does it tell us ?

Something of the fall of an empire, an echo of its flamboyance and immorality. An art of living where the body exults, a place of civilization between Rome and Tahiti.
It’s total Dance floor, it’s going into politics at night since daytime politics is dead, it’s burying the 19th century and its physical nightmare. It’s the attack of the Black Forest, crac crac crac crac crac, oh dashing Jacques Offenbach !

In the end, what matters here is realizing what the collective body is capable of inventing in order to foil foretold history.

Crédit photo - Lazouze