2006 Dance hall production

The "inner journey" of DOMESTIC FLIGHT is like a coarse and delicate weaving, intertwined with subjective connections and stories, which question the way men live together, through a particular vision of the body in its intimacy and zones of sociability, and through the integration of common behavioural practices, gestures and languages.

With humour and exuberance, the five leading characters of the work try to put the central role of masculinity back into play, in connection with the ideology of the difference of sexes. Here, the male body occupies the place traditionally ascribed to women, more precisely, it travels inside the merchandise system, transformed into an erotic object, becoming a "fetish", a show.

This project's dramatic process tries to find an outcome for the binary clash between male/female, where the ambivalence of careers and relationships invent an mysterious domestic ritual, crossed by zones of disarray and turbulence.
This show deals equally with dance and text, in a solemn, sometimes tragic style, standing close to the burlesque and the pathetic at the same time.

Crédit photo - Lazouze